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Micro finance Segment


  • The micro finance segment focuses on economically active women whose income falls under or just above the international poverty line ($2 a day).
  • These women are usually secondary earners in their households. Some do not have a steady income of their own but may contribute to a home-based or family enterprise.
  • Despite their limited income, such women typically manage their households’ finances and invest earnings back into their families.
  • This population is unable to access formal credit, as most families lack the requisite documentation and collateral guarantee requirements.


Our focus when serving this segment, in addition to providing financial access for business expansion, is to empower these women to improve their livelihoods, build on their capacities and ultimately become self-reliant.

Micro Enterprise Segment


  • The segment for microenterprises targets male and female micro-entrepreneurs whose incomes exceed the poverty line but whose businesses are smaller than small & medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • This middle group of micro-entrepreneurs does not qualify for the formal capital available to the SME segment, although they tend to run businesses larger than those of microfinance clients and thus enjoy relatively higher incomes and financial capacities. They are often the primary earners in their household.
  • Due to their lack of collateral and documentation, they face difficulties accessing formal credit.


In addition to the two segments described above, RBL FinServe is continually exploring opportunities to serve other financially excluded, low-income populations in India.